Following and Supporting this Blog — A primer

Owning a blog is certainly showing to be an interesting experience….

On the tail-end of a strong increase in traffic to this blog, some interesting poll-results, an increasing amount of cross-linking from other sites, and lots and lots of spam comments, I have received a number of questions about how you, the reader, can follow this blog and — yes! — support it.  In fact, I received so many questions about this that I have now added a page button (top right side on the blog, people,) detailing how you can follow and/or support this blog.

Join the Herd — Follow us

If you feel the need to be a follower, you are welcome to follow this blog.  Here is how you do it:

  • By setting up a WordPress account (yes, it is free!) and pushing the follow button at the top of the blog (or using one of the one million other ways to follow a WordPress blog once you have set up a WordPress account.)
  • By following the blog on (sigh!) Twitter as @EngineeredReal — sorry, there is a limit on the length of a Twitter account name…
  • By adding your email address to my notification list in the side-bar on the right.

It’s your choice — exercise it with abandon!

You may have noted that there is no option for FaceBook.  This is deliberate, and, no, that is not going to change.

Support the Blog

You can support us by:

  • following us — in blogging, statistics do matter;
  • linking to the blog from a web-site or a blog, thereby creating in-bound links, driving our Google score up — again, in blogging, statistics do matter;
  • spreading the word by mouth… talking to your friends or associates about this blog;
  • spreading the word by aggregator sites, posting a link to this blog on or
  • spreading the word by electronic mail… adding our link and tagline (see below) to your electronic mails — preferably by adding them to the signature block; and
  • donating (see below)

Adding our URL and tagline to your electronic mail

Research shows that consumers adding recommended or trusted companies’ URLs and tag-lines to their electronic mail have immense promotional value for the companies affected. Use the following URL and tagline to lend us a promotional hand: — Answers to questions that you haven’t asked

It’s free people, so why not do it.


We accept donations in money-form via check and Paypal. We also accept donations in non-money form. Please refer to the About section for more information.

If you want to donate right now, click on this Paypal button: