Kill Me – Pssst… Over here….

A Wasteland of Books — The end of civilization? — Courtesy of country_boy_shane under creative commons

This the heading make you look?   No, I do not want you to kill me.   Really! Rather, this is a follow-up posting to my posting on August 31, discussing James Altucher’s observation that the top search query bringing readers to his blog was “I want to die.”

If you come here because you googled “Kill me” or something similar, you may need help, so please consider consulting with a mental health professional.

I was incredulous about James Altucher’s claim because its implications from a societal standpoint are — well — catastrophic, implying, as minimum, that we as a community have somehow and somewhat lost our bearing, and, so, I created a posting with almost exactly the same heading, except that I, in the hope of giving mankind a leg up, padded the statement with the suffix “a cry for pageviews,” making it clear to everyone I assume that I was not actually considering suicide.

Guess what? James Altucher is on to something.  The suicidal posting created more search engine hits than anything else I have posted except for my posting about speculation, entitled “Making a Buck — or losing a grand.”

So having established in a quasi-scientific manner, that the primary motivator for humankind — or at least for the Google-tethered, english-speaking subset of humankin — let’s call them Gookind — is making easy money and exploring, in some sense or another, suicide, the grand experiment continues with this posting, where the objective remains the same, namely to measure the amount of search-engine traffic that a seemingly somewhat disturbed heading for a blog posting can generate.

Anyone care to make a bet on where Gookind will rate killing relative to making easy money and committing suicide? A couple of weeks ago I would have made a wager that killing would rank lowest on the hit-scale, so to speak, but, frankly speaking, the reaction to the suicidal posting has sort of made me question my ability to gauge Gookind.

Note, by the way, that again we attempt to increase Gookind’s odds of maintaining at least some decorum by adding a suffix that should make it clear that we are not actually wanting anyone to kill us (“Pssst… Over here….”)  Also, to stay consistent with the posting related to “I want to die,” I added a black and white picture that looked somewhat depressing.

On a side-note, browsing through blogs into the wee hours has made me form an ad-hoc hypothesis that the most engaged blogs relates to self-improvement and making money, followed closely by blogs related to babies and motherhood. Of course, the hit and visitor rates of either of these blog subjects does not come anywhere near the hit and visitor rates for blog subjects related to electronic gadgets, but in terms of engagement level they stand way about these electronic gadget related blogs.

Stay tuned as we await the outcome of our call for Murder, Inc. via Google.


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