This is London Calling…. — This is Nigeria listening

One of the interesting things about running a blog is the totally unexpected things that you learn from site statistics.

In a previous blog posting, for instance, I tested a hypothesis that a blog posting with a heading along the line of “I want to die” would generate significant hits from search engines, and I was surprised to find that it did, in fact, do just that.

In another — later — blog posting I tested a hypothesis that a blog posting with a heading along the the line of “Kill me” would generate significant hits from search engines — possibly more than did the blog posting with the heading along the lines of “I want to die,” and I was suprised — again, because it did not (in fact this blog posting generated very few hits, which was really surprising to me since Reddit, for instance, yield a number of web-sites and blogs with headings along the line of “kill me” (I will write more about this fact later — stay tuned.)

In another example, I created a blog posting about balance sheets and goodwill, which got a tremendous amount of traffic, but, oddly, most of the traffic was generated from google searches with the search term “lazy balance sheet.” This was interesting, because it reflects that there is an extensive interest in lazy balance sheets — something that I did not know. It is also odd, since the heading of my posting was clearly talking about goodwill, distinctly different than what make up lazy balance sheets. Regardless, since there is an interest, and since I, as a quasi-value investor, find lazy balance sheets very interesting, the searches did stimulate me to decide to write a posting about the problems related to lazy balance sheets (there are many,) and, accordingly, to add an entry to the Upcomming Posts column on the right side of this blog.

Most interesting though is the fact that my recent posting about Nigerian Scams and other related items, caused the blog to start getting hits from — wait for it … Nigeria.

Nigerian flag

In the past my blog had received hits from obscure countries in remote parts of the world, including countries in South America, Asia, and Africa, and, typically, hits from these locations were followed near-immediately by spam comments being posted on the blog, which are just as immediately deleted by Akismet, WordPress’ spam comment filtering software. None, however, had originated from Nigeria.

Phoney Western Union Form

Without fail, the Nigerian hits come courtesy of Google’s image search and — yes, you guessed it! — are centered around the terms “Western Union,” “form,” and “sheet” which appear to result in search results that include the phoney Western Union form included in my Nigerian Scam related posting and reproduced on the right.

In the forties, it may have been London calling, but today it is Nigeria listening…. Globalization once again, rears its ugly head.

Oh yeah, just a heads up… The second most common point of origination for hits leading to the phoney Western Union form in my blog posting was — drum-roll, please — the Czech Republic.

There may be an early warning here…  Let me get on the horn with the Federal Bureau of Investigations……  I am sure they will dispatch a team to Prague to investigate right away.

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