James Altucher is back… for now

5984944516_93b92ba353_oI am in trouble….

Over the last months my list of things to blog about has exploded… mostly because a lot of stuff has happened that I find interesting. As the list of blog-worth items has grown, so has my stress level.

I know I am in trouble because I am at the beach today, and, rather than enjoying the beach as any normal human being would, I am attempting to reduce my level of guilt by blogging.

James Altucher

The decision to work on the backlog of blogs — at the expense of the enjoyment of what is arguably the best ocean view in North America — was partly prompted by a recent post by James Altucher.

It is not the actual posting by James Altucher that threw me into action, although the subjects (there were two: Timothy Sykes, a penny stock-short trader turned educator, and an experiment into the level of difficulty associated with getting a small amount of cash from people who has plenty as compared to the difficulty getting the same small amount of cash from people who have almost nothing (spoiler-alert…. Mr. Altucher discovered that it was impossible to get money from the people who had plenty, but easy to get money from people who had almost nothing)) were interesting, but, rather, the fact that for the first time in a long, long time Mr. Altucher wrote about something else than yoga, self-improvement, and a lifestyle approach that he has been promoting for a while.

Mr. Altucher’s blog was part of what got me interested in blogging, and I have been very dissapointed with the way that it has evolved over the last years. In my view, Mr. Altucher postings, which used to be edgy and somewhat controversial, have fallen into the trap of being like any other mainstream, non-technology blog, focusing on self-promotion and self-improvement (à la Anthony Robins) and constantly pushing products.

The self-improvement, self-promotion, and product-push focus has been focused around something called the daily practice, a sort of daily mantra, which I won’t dignify with any further characterization.

The low-point for the blog probably was hit in December of 2012 in this posting, promoting a yoga and self-awareness workshop that Mr. Altucher and his wife were conducting at some resort. The title, The James and Claudia Kripalu Workshop – The Daily Practice: Finding Success From Within, says everything I think.

I don’t blame Mr. Altucher for allowing his blog to sink into meaninglessness in an attempt to keep his blog exciting and current — the holly grail of blogging for money, particularly since I recognize that most of the successful (again, non-technology) blogs focuses on excactly the same trinity.

Personally, I find it quite tiresome reading daily or near-daily short or very short blog-postings about the same couple of subjects — particularly when the not so subtle purpose of these postings it to push products, but I am aware that this sentiment probably is as far away from the mainstream as it is possible to be (I also can’t listen to self-improvement books-on-CD, finding the constant repetition tiresome.)

So, Mr. Altucher is back — for now. Hopefully he will stay on track.

Anyway, as usual I seem to have digressed, so let’s get back to the trouble that I am in.

A new approach as a way to get out of trouble

Catching up is going to be tough, so I am going to try a new approach, whereby I will make the initial blog postings shorter than has been the norm in the past, and, then, step back into the posting later, improving it and adding to it.

This approach, incremental evolution of a posting is quite different, I think, and it certainly violates a dozen or so of the conventional wisdoms for blogging.

Frankly, I don’t know how it will work out. In the blog-sphere it is clearly such that the vast majority of blog postings are read at a time very close to the date of publishing, and this new approach simply doesn’t work within that paradigm. In other words, clearly the nature of blogging is dominated by decay issue, and, so, an incremental evolution approach to blogging probably will not work.

But, hey, this entire blog is really just an experiment and it already violates just about every other rule for blogging (refer to the About section for more about this,) so why not continue shaking it up.

Oh, yeah, I do plan to add to this posting later. Also, yes, I do plan to write a bit about Timothy Sykes.