Saving time and enjoying it….

3549665322_a5bc9827aa_oToday I had to figure out the effective termination date for an agreement with a 90 days notice period. Having grown up with paper and on-line calendars, I prepared to leaf through the months, counting days, but then, I thought “Hold it — there must be an app for that.

Well, I am sure there is an mobile application for that, but, let’s face it, it would take to long to find and download and all and I would probably use the application so rarely that next time the need came around, I would not be able to find it in the application clutter on my mobile, so I went one step up (or down?) the technology scale, applying Google.

Typing in the term “may 22 plus 90 days” in Google box in a browser window yielded a link to, which handily allowed me to punch in any interval and any startdate (the effective termination date, as it happens, is August 22nd, 2013.)

Total time expended was 30 seconds. Neat!

This result was oddly satisfying, and in line with my overall finding that the convenience of technology best shines through when you do small things and find ways to do them better or faster through the application of technology. Sure, the local utility’s CRM/ERP system is impressive, but I don’t marvel at it the same way I do a calculator. Somehow, in a very primal way, the proximity and simplicity of technology trumps complexity.

On a side-note, a mobile application that did the effective date calculation would probably not be nominated for the annual awards ceremonies for best and most valuable applications that I wrote about in a previous posting (here.) Not because it is not valuable… it is…, but because it would be too infrequently used to be ranked up there with the most useful extreme point solutions that would dominate the award ceremonies.

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