One more review…


A piece of correspondence can always
benefit from one more review before being sent out
Per Jacobsen —

I continue to be amazed of how sloppy business people are in their electronic mails.

8d21925rArguably, business people should be extremely careful about what they write and how they write it since electronic mails are like old fashioned dumb bombs, which once dropped out of the bomb-bays of a bomber cannot be recalled and where you cannot fully understand the consequences of the drop because, at the time of impact, the epicenter is miles behind you and 10,000 feet below you. They are not. Rather, they are exceptionally careless in their correspondence.

I was reminded of this fact today, when a friend of mine showed me an electronic mail that she had from a colleague.

The electronic mail consisted of precisely two sentences (note that, as is becoming the norm, the electronic mail had no salutations or other common courtesies.) The first sentence, consisting of ten words, or so, was unremarkable. The second sentence, a run on sentence, consisted of five words, which I shall relay in their entirety:

He is from Jew Jersey

’nuff said

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