Negative on — we do not endorse

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We use Twitter in the only way that it makes sense for a blog: As a uni-directional relay of information about new and updated postings. In them-olde-days we would have used a newswire service of some form, but now we use — God save us — Twitter.

Twitter, of course, is free, which is probably the main reason why we use it. But, as we know, in most cases free is not free. Rather, mostly, free is free, but loaded with annoyances.

Recently, Twitter has started adding promotions to our tweets. Today, it added a tweet from a company called


I have no idea what does, and I do — not — care. Their Twitter posting is junk and spam, and is precisely as annoying and wasteful as telemarketing calls.

So, I executed the dismiss option, dispatching the ad into oblivion.

I fail to see the point of this sort of advertising by Why would anyone in the universe click on or otherwise engage with a meaningless ad like this? Why would Twitter think that readers of this blog would be interested in whatever junk that is peddling? Moreover, why would anyone buy products from a company that waste its money this way — after all, you, the customer, would be paying for their waste?

So, for the record, we do not endorse… In fact, we think that is a big minus!

Shame on Twitter for their indiscriminate advertising.

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