What’s not to like

Disliking Liking

7893951646_d1d8b6a96d_oIn October of 2012, I disallowed comments on this blog via WordPress’ Reply function (something I wrote about here) for the same reasons that Eric D. Snider got rid of them on his excellent blog, Snide Remarks (read Mr. Sniders reasons for not allowing comments, here.)

Effective as of today, I will no longer allow comments in the form of WordPress’ Like function.

The reasons for no longer allowing readers to “like” my blog is that I have found that the vast majority of readers who use this function do so simply to anchor their own blog, hoping someone will use the Like as a link to their blog. That, of course, is a function of spam, and we do not support spam in any way, form, or shape. So, Like is gone.

A.W.O.L. and Empower Spam

On a sidenote, a multi-level marketing scheme referred to as Empower or A.W.O.L. is particularly guilty of this sort of spamming, submitting lots of Like’s by young, idealistic looking, eager-beavers with impossible names (no Joe Smiths here..,) posing in outdoorsy type pictures — mostly semi-nude on a beach in an exotic location, pitching how you, too, can become rich without working if you will just sign up and pay them $25 dollars, or so.

You can read about Project A.W.O.L.’s and Empower’s scam, spam, and multi-level marketing scheme (also known as a network marketing program, affiliate marketing program, or whatever is today’s nom de guerre for a pyramid scheme) over at Dacka’s Razor‘s blog, here. Here is an extract:

Lo and behold, as soon as I provided my email to one of these “entrepreneurs”, I was starting to have more and more likes for my posts. And more and more followers of my blog. WOW! I must be a great writer and have the most awesome blog.

I then started to receive flashy videos of people like Dave Sharpe and David Wood telling me for 45 minutes how much money they make from their “system”

Dave and David provided testimonial after testimonial “confirming” how much people had apparently made using their great “system“, but not for once did they tell me what they sold.

That’s right, in 45 minutes they did not actually tell me what they sold. Not once.

But they did have a BIG purchase button, prompting me to send them $25, which would entitle me to their little magic internet marketing secret. Pay first THEN get told what it is that you just bought.

Yeah riiiiiight… Time for those internet alarm bells again.

You may also want to check out an article over on Verge (here,) which details the mechanics of Internet Marketing, the new breed of affiliate marketing scams.

Affiliates (or syndicates, as they now refer to themselves) such as A.W.O.L. and Empower are annoying and cost people lots of time and and money, and only by highlighting their activities and blocking their spamming can they be deterred or defeated.

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Oh by the way, it is not that I have anything personally against the people that gets suckered into these schemes… Yes, they do take up space and time and are disruptive, but, ultimately, they are victims, too (although they don’t know it right now) and I pity them as should you.

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