What happened, what happens, and what will happen — A blog update

2179840984_41078e6e64_oAs you can learn from the About section (here,) this blog is mostly an experimental zone without any particular agenda, style, shape, or form.

Accordingly, the blog is constantly changing, reflecting a lot of factors, including my interests, the volume of traffic, and the feedback that I am getting directly and indirectly.

This is not a bad thing. In fact, from time to time it can be downright good. It does, however, lead to the need to stop and re-assess occasionally. So, here we go…

For your endless entertainment here is a snapshot of what is going on, what has gone on, and what might go on:

  • The focus lately has mostly been on investments, investment strategies, and corporate governance.
  • We are introducing an XREFs section (here,) which hopefully will give our readers a better way to cross-reference postings and subjects.
  • We have added a Question? section (here,) which gives you an opportunity to ask questions or (yes!) gripe.
  • Our attempt to collect $1,000,000 million by collecting $1 each from on million individuals (read about it here) is a complete failure. To date, we have not collected a single cent.
  • Our experimentation in petitions, focused around term limits for the United States Congress (read about it here,) is also best characterized as a failure, which is strange because our postings about the pork in The American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012 (H.R. 8) are some of the most popular postings on this blog, so, since this pork was inserted by a bunch of United States Congressmen (ably helped by lobbyists, of course) who appear to operate with impunity, I would have thought that some synergy with a term-limit petition would exist.
  • Speaking of popularity, here are some of the most popular (non-investment related) recent postings on this blog:
    • Handguns, amputation, and silence (here) — a posting about big revolvers and amputation.
    • Violence and overwhelming rapid force — Heinz Guderian (here) — a posting about the application of violence in war, business, and civilian life (including pistol whipping.)
    • Sales Metrics… (here) — A posting about best practices for sales quotas, in particular in a Software as a Service (SaaS) license environment.
    • Bieber Boober — Printing money with Twitter (here) — a posting of the economics of tweeting.
  • In the long run, the most popular posting continues to be our posting about WDFME.exe, the Western Digital Smartware memory-hog (here.) Bizarrely, this posting, which causes the vast majority of people that read it to end up downloading the Western Digital upgrade/fix that I have identified, using the approach that I have outlined, and following the link that I have provided, is also the posting that generates the lowest level of financial support. Besides concluding that IT people probably are the cheapest people in the universe, I don’t know what else to say about that.
  • We have disallowed Likes by our readers, partly to curb the abusive actions by an affiliate marketing organization (aka. a multi-level marketing scheme) called A.W.O.L. or Empower (or, sometimes, the A.W.O.L. Project.) As an unintended consequence, our posting (here,) announcing the decision to disallow Likes and explaining what A.W.O.L. and Empower really is (hint: in spite of what the spamming A.W.O.L. promoters may say, it is not an opportunity to make hundreds of thousands of dollars without working,) has become one of the most popular postings on the blog in the last month, reflecting, I guess, something about how prolific A.W.O.L. or Empower have become.
  • We have started the practice of updating existing postings (from time to time,) carefully marking the updates, but, as of yet, we have not figured out how to signal these updates to the readers of the blog.

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