The word is out — and in…

So, as the regular readers of this blog know, I am constantly experimenting with format and contents (if you did not know that, then you should read the About section.)

Recently I created a posting about UNTK, the equity of Unitek Global Services, which explained why I have recently been increasing my investment in Unitek Global Services based on certain information that I gleaned from the company’s recent 10K restatement filing for its 2011 fiscal year and for the interim periods ended March 31st, 2012, June 30th, 2012 and September 29th, 2012.

I did not make the posting generally available, but, rather, provided a 2,000 word segment (here) of the full, 4,500 word posting (here) and shared my plan to make the remainder of the posting available on on or about October 16th, 2013, or a day or two after the day that Unitek Global Services releases its next 10Q filings, whichever date may come first.

For those readers who could not wait until the complete posting was generally available (and there may be very good reasons to read the remainder of the posting before the release of the next 10Q filing,) I offered early access either for a fee or gratis if you had earlier supported the blog (you can read about this here.)

The reaction to this approach has been interesting and — surprisingly — mostly very positive (with only occasional obscenities.) Here are some of the comments that I received (with minor editorial changes by me, but without any comments):

“Wow! Now I know why traders and investors are willing to pay for newsletters and research articles.”

“I am really disappointed that you are charging for content. Yes, I understand that I can get it later for free, but still… Well, I will just wait.”

“…if I want to review your opinion as to why Unitek may be a good investment, I have to pay $250. I have to say, that doesn’t sit well with me. I’m not the type of person to pay someone else for their opinion when I can simply read the same documents that they did, and draw my own conclusions accordingly.”

“Good move. Valuable contents SHOULD not be free, and this is valuable, for sure.”

“OK, I have never seen an Fabergé egg, so I can’t comment on that, but, yes, you have found a diamond (or a diamond mine!) in the rubble, and I am now very interested to see what happens next.”

“So that is how Buffett did it… Read, read, and read. Read more than the next guy and — very importantly — know what to look for. And when you find it, pounce on it.”

“I have been with you since the first twofer on Unitek. The charge is OK with me.”

“Well worth the money. For us, waiting until after the fact is not an option (it’s like watching the Superbowl on TIVO,) so keep it up. We are certainly willing and able to pay for timely access”

“Haha! NFW”

“I would never have guessed that my $25 contribution last year would give me early access to this gem. I feel like I won the lottery.”

“Great work and well worth the early admission charge. Even the disclaimer is clear and to the point. I had absolutely no doubt about what the deal was before I read the full posting. And, whoa, did I get bang for my buck.”

“Call us, please.”