Topsy-turvey day

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“One of the funny things about the stock market
is that every time one person buys, another sells,
and both think they are astute.
— William Feather

This has been a strange day. While the rally breakdown for MTSL, the equity of MER Telemanagement Solutions, continued bringing the per share price down 14.1% (or $0.38,) the per share price of UNTK, the equity of Unitek Global Services, went up 37.6% (or $0.41.)

You can read more about the MER Telemanagement Solutions, MTSL, and the rally breakdown here. You can read more about Unitek Global Services, UNTK, and its rally here.

Since my holdings of UNTK and MTSL are of the same magnitude, these movements mean that, from a portfolio standpoint, the day was a near-wash in spite of tremendous dollar changes in the positions.

In fact, at some point the two portfolio balances was within a few dollars of balancing each other out and I found myself cheering them on in the efforts to find the perfect equilibrium.

Here is the action:

MTSL - UNTK - October 16, 2013
Who says finance nerds are no fun?

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