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040928-D-7433T-003On August 20th, 2013, I wrote a posting about DataXoom, a customer of MER Telemanagement Solutions, a company that I follow with some interest.

The basis for the posting (which you can find here) was a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation posted on slideshare, which appeared to have been uploaded by a slideshare user with the handle robchamberlin, and consisted of 18 pages, mostly taking the form of a fund-raising document, detailing DataXoom’s mission, status, pricing model ($6 access fee plus data usage fees), partners, unique selling points and offerings (no contracts, no early termination fees, control of usage, and simple pricing,) and other typical fund-raising stuff.

In my posting I noted the oddity of the fact that the presentation was labeled proprietary and confidential, and yet was available on a leading slide sharing service where, I think, the primary focus is either to show off your presentation building skills or to talk about whatever topic interests you in the Facebok/LinkedIn/Pinterest/Twitter manner of stream of consciousness — for the betterment of man, if you will.

The robchamberlin user name has some similarity with the name of Rob Chamberlin, an executive with True Wireless, a device management company out of San Ramon, and a person named in the presentation, together with a Chris Hill, as being a founder of DataXoom. Moreover, there were two other presentations uploaded on slideshare by the robchamberlin user, both of which appear to be related to TrueWireless business (you can see the profiles of Chriss Hill and Rob Chamberlin on TrueWireless’ website (here.))

The availability of the presentation on slideshare was peculiar for a number of reasons of which I will only highlight two:

  • The confidential and business proprietary nature of the presentation (which, I remind you, contained competitive, pricing, and strategy information) was surely of such significance that posting the presentation on slideshare, a public forum intended to disseminate information freely to as many people as possible, was … well.. unwise
  • Unless accidental, the posting on slideshare of what appears to be a fundraising document could, I think, be viewed as running afoul of United States Securities and Exchange Commission rules, which, as far as I know, up until quite recently (September 23th, 2013, I believe — you can read about the change here) prohibited “general solicitation or general advertising for certain private securities offerings” and issued steep fines to violators.

For MER Telemanagement Solutions, the presentation was problematic in that it highlighted a somewhat embryonic nature of DataXoom’s MVNO business, which, in MER Telemanagement Solutions’ press release announcing the sale (here,) had been described as “… a large U.S. based MVNO…” As I wrote:

If the presentation is genuine, it does raise the question as to how DataXoom, which from the presentation seems to be nascent, could possibly be characterized as a “large U. S. based MVNO.” In fact, I struggle to find DataXoom on Wikipedia’s list of MVNOs or in any FCC documents.

For the curious reader, my go-to source for information about telecommunications companies is the Federal Communications Commission’s database of 499-A filing (you can read about 499-A filings here — generally, MVNO are regulated on the Federal and State level in a manner similar to that of communications providers with infrastructure and networking radio equipment.)

Readers of the blog may feel just a touch of déjà vu her as I recently (here) wrote about another MER Telemanagement Solutions customer, SBC Communications, LLC, that had been associated with the label “large” in a press-release published by MER Telemanagement Solutions.

Well, the presentation has now been removed, which is probably good for both DataXoom and MER Telemanagement Solutions, since, frankly, it was rather embarrassing, if not downright incriminating, to have it hanging out there. You can find the user’s other presentations here (until further notice, at least.)

But, as they say, in the Internet spunge, nothing is ever really deleted, and, so, there are doubtlessly still copies of the presentation circulating around the world, so I am sure that if you are are curious about it, you can find a copy somewhere, somehow.


Much of the information contained in the “missing” slideshare presentation can be found on the newly launched DataXoom web-site (here.) The missing information includes information about pricing ($6 access fee plus data usage fees,) business plans and progress (which you can read about here.)

Astonishingly, at almost the same time that the DataXoom web-site appeared the web-site of SBC Wireless, LLC, another new MER Telemanagement Solutions customer (which I wrote about here,) has disappeared, leaving only an unresponsive and non-informative web-page with graphical elements that sort-of, kind-of implies that the company sells triple-play services (although it doesn’t tell you were or how or why):


I had the opportunity to peruse the earlier web-site, and although no great shakes, it did at least present some information, including actual information about the scope of SBC Communications, LLC, and the services offered. So, not a great improvement.

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