Out with the old

Fireworks over Houston, TexasWelcome to 2014! We have modified our copyright statement to allow for the change of year, so this is your opportunity to take a fresh look at the policies that govern your use of this blog (go to the About section, here.)

Last year our (recurring) readership grew just about 500%.

Our spontaneous readership varied up to 1,000%, depending on what articles we posted.

The most popular postings were:

  • Liquidity — Would you like to buy an M1 Abrams tank for $18,500? (Find it here)
  • What is wrong with ClickSoftware? (Find it here)
  • MTSL comes crashing to the ground (Find it here)
  • The predictable derivations from unpredictability — Unitek Global Services seesawing (Find it here)
  • MER Telemanagement does it again (Find it here)

Time to top up your contributions.

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