Favorite postings?

Having posted a list of this blog’s five most popular postings in 2013 (here,) I received a couple of inquiries as to which of the 2013 postings were my favorites.

So, without further ado, here is my list of this blog’s eight most interesting postings in 2013 (yes, I suffer from Perfect Child Syndrome and, am, therefore, unable to limit myself to five postings):

  • A $350,000 house for a nickel down — FORTY does it again. A posting that, among other things, discusses the liquidity issue inherent in FORTY, the equity of Formula Systems, and points out how ridiculous the trades in the equity by offering the reader the opportunity to for a payment of only less than $1,000 buy either the new One World Trade Center in Manhattan or a Nimitz class carrier (find it here)
  • Grundsaudaag — It is happening again. A posting that discusses the effect of a (badly written, badly researched, and pretty much wrong on all points) SeekingAlpha article on the per share price of MTSL, the equity of MER Telemanagement Solutions (find it here)
  • Fabergé egg in the rubble. A posting that illustrates how careful reading of filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission is not a waste of time (find it here)
  • Terminal endings — murder and suicide. A posting that discusses a murder at AOL’s Patch subsidiary and a meticulously planned, executed, and documented suicide in Kansas City (find it here)
  • Question of the week — Busyness in business. A posting that discusses the true level of executive busyness (including that of Ms. Sheryl Sandberg, as of this week a billionaire,) which may, in fact, be an urban myth (find it here)
  • Handguns, amputation, and silence. A posting about powerful revolvers, ballistics, and the power of escaping gas (find it here)
  • Pushing that button… — The bigger picture of the 2013 ClickSoftware proxy. A posting about the apathy of investors and the considerable potential power that they have, but refuse to wield (find it here)
  • Violence and overwhelming rapid force — Heinz Guderian. A posting about General Heinz Guderian, Apple, and the power of the schwerpunktprinzip (find it here)

All right… For the sake of completeness is my list of this blog’s six most interesting postings in 2012 (“why six?” you ask? “I don’t know,” I say):

  • Fiscal Cliff and NASCAR? A posting about the disgraceful American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012 (H.R. 8) (find it here)
  • Pearl Harbor and 9-11 — Teaching your enemy how to fight. A posting about how Pearl Harbor, kantai kessen, 9-11, and the education of your enemies (find it here)
  • Pursuit to the Point of Failure — Catastrophic turning points in war and business. A posting about Napoleon, Moscow, Boridono, Stalingrad, and IBM (find it here)
  • Web-sites Getting 12 Billion Hits in Three Months — No, it is not Yahoo, Facebook, or Google. A posting about the National Weather Service, a mission-critical government agency under constant lobby assault (find it here)
  • Adlertag — Meritocracy be damned. A posting about the Battle of Britain and the colossal blunder of the hapless Colonel Joseph Schmid, Luftwaffe’s chief intelligence officer (find it here)
  • Olympic$ — Chasing the gold. A posting about the pursuit of gold and dollars at the Olympics (find it here)

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