Missed opportunities

12734vYesterday, I wrote about the Super Bowl, Groundhog Day, and the news media attempting to scare us with the weather (read the posting, here.)

Well, as it happens, the Super Bowl was a bust with the Denver Broncos more or less being creamed by the Seattle Seahawks (well, there really wasn’t much more or less about it, with the NFL Super Bowl XLVIII score being 43 to 8, and Bronco’s quarterback, Peyton Manning, looking stunned throughout the entire game,) viewer-ship dropping off throughout the game, and the ads for the most part being mediocre; Groundhog Day going largely unnoticed because of the Super Bowl game; and the promised Snow Armageddon not occurring.

In my posting I wrote:

Normally Sunday is a very good day, and today it should be better yet, with tonight’s Super Bowl and its $4 million, 30 second ads and 100 million viewers providing plenty of Marketing 101 lessons

… Interestingly, this is the first time ever that Groundhogs Day and the Super Bowl fell on the same day.

I failed to mention that this is also the 30th year anniversary of the Super Bowl airing of the famous Apple “1984” commercial, which catapulted the Macintosh and Apple into the limelight. Truly an event worthy of mention in a Marketing 101 class.

Which, of course, leads me to the point that it would appear that the ad agencies may have missed out on some great opportunities here.

First, why in god’s name were there no Super Bowl ads featuring a groundhog? They are soft, they are furry, and, given that groundhog day and Super Bowl fell on the same day, this was a perfect time. I see endless opportunity. Perhaps the groundhog retired to his hole to watch the Super Bowl while snacking on Doritos, thereby skewing the weather forecast for the year?

Second, why would Apple not launch a general Apple ad, possibly referencing the sledgehammer? In particular after Miley Cyrus radically expanded the idea of what a sledgehammer (and wrecking-ball) could do there must have been endless opportunities for making an iconic ad that is in the zeitgeist.

Where were all the creative geniuses of Madison Avenue? The Super Bowl is just as much an advertising event as it a sporting event, and it would appear that both the Broncos and the Mad Men fielded a sub-par team this year.

Well, maybe next year.

P.S. Did you know that the 1984 ad actually did not premiere at the Super Bowl, as it had, in fact, been shown in a small market in December of 2013, so as to ensure that it would qualify for an award?

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