It’s Bizarre — DataXoom Twitter via MER Telemanagement Solutions

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In an earlier posting (here,) I discussed a peculiar Slideshare posting by DataXoom, a nascent customer of MER Telemanagement Solutions, an Israeli company that I follow with some interest.

The posting, which raised many questions about DataXoom and MER Telemanagement Solutions was quickly yanked by DataXoom (something that I wrote about here,) which was probably the right move.

It doesn’t end there, however. In a bizarre twist this blog’s Twitter account () is now being followed by what appear to be DataXoom’s Twitter account, @DataXoom.

However, the bizarreness does not end there. Looking at the other 148 Twitter accounts being followed by @DataXoom yields a pretty eclectic crowd (bordering on a motley crew.) Here are some highlights of the crowd being followed:

Twitter-1 Twitter-2
Twitter-3 Twitter-4

Now, granted, I am not a fan of Twitter (in my view Twitter accounts are of most use for entertainment figures who seem to be able to collect massive amount of money for posting inane tweets and conduct attention-grabbing cat-fights (read about Ms. Julia Wilde’s fight with Mr. Justin Bieber and Ms. Paris Hilton’s shocking fees for Tweeting in an earlier posting, here.) Consequently, I am not a Twitter expert.

However, it is my understanding that, while it is not possible to choose who follows you on Twitter unless you “lock” your account, following someone is a choice.

If this understanding is correct, then I am hard-pressed to understand why a corporate Twitter account for DataXoom would follow such a group — and, of course, why it would follow this blog’s Twitter account.

With time it will probably all become clear. Until then, however, here is a shout-out to my homies at DataXoom!

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