Advertising, Speaking, Writing, and Consulting

Per Jacobsen is available for speaking and for specific writing engagements.   He has a no non-sense, unpretentious approach to his talks and customizes each talk to the audience. His writing and speaking style is unconventional, high-impact, and direct.

Per Jacobsen is occasionally available for one-on-one consulting assignments, typically in the areas of corporate and investment diagnostics and M&A structuring and due diligence. He also provides specialized consulting around equity and portfolio evaluation, specifically aimed at individuals who have acquired equities through life-change events, such as divorce or inheritance, and seek to determine the value of these value as well as the optimum hold/sell strategy to apply.

We welcome advertisement inquiries, but, please note that, as a general rule, we will only accept advertisements that pass our quality and relevance test, which, arguably, is quite subjective. Generally, we treat advertisements as endorsements, and so the offerings advertised must be meaningful and valuable to our readers and, generally, should be targeted to our audience. No “how to save $250 on your car insurance” crap will be accepted.

We are currently looking for advertisers within the areas of financial guidance, investment, trade, and business practices. We are particularly interested in advertising for and promoting text books focused on business and investments.

If you would like to have Per Jacobsen talk at your event, write for you, or consult for you, or if you want to advertise on this blog, please contact us using our electronic mail address at:

engineeredreal [at] gmail [dot] com

Please note that we reserve all rights to reject advertisement and speaking engagement request, and we reserve final editorial control over any speeches we hold and any advertisement placed on this blog.